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Our Vision


The Catholic Business Network of Greater Philadelphia  (CBNGP)  is an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit organization of businesses and individual professionals who strive to apply the principles of the Roman Catholic faith to daily life in the marketplace. We seek to strengthen our faith, businesses, and inter-parish relationships by sharing professional experiences, fostering business ethics, promoting community service, and creating valuable business networking opportunities. Additionally, we seek to fulfill our vocation as “the Lay Faithful” by dedicating funds generated through our association, including several specific fundraising events during the year, to support Catholic Education in our area.

Respectful of all ages, races, cultural and religious backgrounds, the Catholic Business Network also welcomes people of other faiths to come together in the spirit of fellowship to advance Catholic morality, values, and ethics in the marketplace.

If you are not a CBNGP member yet, we invite you to become part of our network. By joining, you can be a part of building our business community and supporting our Catholic schools. Complete the membership form at the end of this packet today!

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Our Guiding Purpose

We have an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen our faith together, evangelize our culture, and live our faith in the workplace.  Additionally, If Catholic education is to survive as an option for families, we must leverage the power of unity and fellowship to address the challenges facing parochial schools.   We see our relationships with schools, parishes, priests, and principals as a partnership that continues to grow and flourish. We seek to give back to the Catholic Community by using the proceeds we raise to fund scholarship and grant opportunities for Catholic schools and students across the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.


Our History

In 1991, the first CBN Chapter was established in Montgomery County, Maryland. From the beginning, Catholic Education was the focus of their charitable work. Since then, six additional chapters have formed, all from a grass-roots level. CBN of Greater Philadlephia is the most recent addition. Planning for CBNGP began in July of 2009 and the group was officially founded four months later in November. The first Networking Breafast was held in March of 2010.

As a networking center, CBN Chapters have successfully pulled Catholic business men and women together across parish boundaries. CBN Chapters are creating an increased awareness within the parishes of who is in business and what goods and services are offered. Time is arranged at breakfast meetings for networking, guest speakers and opportunity exchanges. Additionally, at each breakfast, members report the deals they have made with fellow members in the recent past.